December 2018 Newsletter GCAY

Opening Bible Verse:  In Luke 14:23 Jesus is tells a story that involves invitations:  “ Go out to the highways and hedges, and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled.”  We do that as a regular part of our work at God Cares About You Mission.  We go to the bus stops along Central Ave., to the circle K parking lot, to the alleyway just south of Central, to the many apartments and houses near the Mission, and invite people to come, to hear God’s Word, and to pray with us, that God’s house may be filled.

Dear Partners in Christ: We had a wonderful turnout for our annual Christmas Eve worship and gift give away. We would like to thank Christ Lutheran, Immanuel Lutheran, Ray of Light, Calvary Lutheran and Redeemer Lutheran for all their help with our annual event. Everyone enjoyed singing to our Lord and Savior.  Jim Kunkle, of Calvary Lutheran, gave a sermon in Spanish.  Pastor Groeling, of Christ Lutheran, gave a sermon in English.  Many gifts and clothes were given afterwards. Every year, the Christmas Eve event helps so many families with children, and homeless people to hear the Lord’s Word and receive gifts that they cannot afford. Every child and every individual deserve to have a gift every Christmas, regardless of what they might be going through in life. That is why we should always show compassion, love and happiness. We encourage you all to join us and see for yourselves the impact we all have on these families and homeless people.  It’s amazing!

We have several people go out on the streets a few hours before the service starts to invite people to come worship.  We encouraged two Native American women to come to the service. They both came and heard the message of Jesus’ birth.  We invited a little family, husband and wife with two small children, and they came and were blessed.  We invited and gave rides to immigrants from Africa and their children, and about ten of them came, and they heard the Gospel and received gifts after the service. People of many different colors and races came.  Hispanics, Native Americans, African Americans, Africans, Asians, young, old, and in-between were there.  Some came from Lutheran Churches, but most were people from the neighborhood who came and heard the message that Jesus came for them.  At the end of the service we sang “Happy Birthday” to Jesus in English.  Then we ended with a rousing traditional Spanish birthday song called “Las Mananitas.”  Then all the people received gifts of clothing and toys so generously donated by churches and individuals.  Thanks to all who donated and gave of their time to make this a beautiful celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Upcoming Events: 

We will begin a new program at the Mission on Wednesdays starting in January with a Bible study and food and clothing distribution.

Volunteers Needed:  1) A shopper for Tuesdays from 12:45-2:00 for Back to Work Program.

2) Organizers for clothing and other donations.  Tuesdays or Thursdays or both.

Closing Prayer: Father, we confess our fears to you. Help us overcome them by trusting in your presence and power that you make available in every task. Help us worry less and focus more on admitting our weaknesses and submitting to your plans. In Jesus’ precious name we pray.  AMEN!